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Sage Narada: Mischief Monger or Divine Guide?

Sage NaradaSage Narada is generally considered a mischief-monger and a troublemaker. It is believed that wherever he appears, confusion and perplexity follow; and he is said to be one who revels in creating conflict. But how valid is this opinion? Read on to find out…

Pilgrimage and its Phala

ji[1]Infinite Ways to Infinite Bliss–Excerpts from the Discourses of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Millions of people in India go on pilgrimages to holy places. But not everyone gets the full benefit (phala) of visiting a sacred site. Why? How should one really go on a pilgrimage? Click here to learn more.

Lord Buddha in Hinduism

Lord Buddha is known the world over as the founder of Buddhism. How is he related to Hinduism?
Click here to read more.

A Mother: The First Guru

Mother’s Day Special

We all know the story of little Dhruva, who did intense tapas and saw the Lord, and eventually became the Dhruva star alongside the Saptarishi mandala. But how did he get to see the Lord in such a young age? Who inspired him?
Click here to read what happened next.

Kid’s Quiz — Ganga Trivia

Ganga Dasami or Ganga Dussehra, the day when the holy Ganga descended from the heavens to the earth, will be celebrated this year on May 31, 2012. Let’s see how much you know about this sacred river and the stories associated with her.
Click here to test your knowledge.

News of the month

Sri Poornimaji continued her satsangs in various areas of the US in April. Click the below links to read the specific reports:
Milwaukee satsangs
Michigan satsangs
Lemont Temple, Chicago, IL
Special Gopa Kuteeram sessions, Chicago
San Antonio, TX satsangs
Venkateshwara Temple, Corpus Christi, TX
Satsang at residence of Sri Ravi, Atlanta, GA
Hanuman Mandir, Atlanta, GA

A GOD USA Clean-Up Drive was conducted in the Houston area, in the cities of Pearland and Manvel, TX.
Click here to read the report and pictures.

Seattle GOD chapter conducted the annual Spring Sampradaya Camp, that was a resounding success, and also held a 12-hour Akhanda Nama sankirtan at a devotee’s residence.
Click here to read the Sampradaya Camp report.
Click here to read the Akhanda Nama sankirtan report.

Upcoming Events

May 20 – Sant Tukkaram – An evening of abhangs at Vedic Cultural Center, Sammamish, WA

Jun 13 to July 25, Every Wednesday 2-8 pm – Gopa Kuteeram Youth Summer Camp @ Houston Namadwaar (ages 9-15)
Jun 23-24 – Gopa Kuteeram “Lil Gopas” Summer Camp @ Houston Namadwaar (ages 4-8)
Contact 832-515-1251 or email for more information.

Jun 27-29 – Gopa Kuteeram Summer camp at Naperville Public Library, Naperville, IL.
Contact 630-851-8578 or email for more information.

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