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Bhaja Govindham, Moodha Mathe!

MahaprabhuWe human beings are, in general, a rather confused lot. We always tend to mix up things… do one thing where something else should be done and vice versa.
And in the realm of spirituality, this is even more true. So what is it that we do wrong? What is it we are confused about?
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Equanimity—A Vital Quality

Learnings from Srimad Bhagavatam – 5

JadabharataWhile the story of the jnani, Jadabharata, in the fifth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam revels in its own glory, his previous births form an essential prelude to the intense dispassion and equanimity that he possessed in that birth.
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Thus Spake the Lord

Cherished Memoirs – 5

Sri SwamijiThis series chronicles sweet experiences recounted by the devotees of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji as well as certain divine experiences of Sri Swamiji himself. These articles are translations from the series “Madhuramaana Mahaneeyar” that is published every month in Madhuramurali Tamil monthly magazine, in India.
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Sri Guruvayurappan

Madhura Geetam – Bharata Pradakshina – 5

GuruvayurappanHis Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji has composed several hundreds of kirtans glorifying various deities and depicting different bhavas of a devotee – from praise and enjoyment, friendship and motherhood, to love and intense prayer. Sri Swamiji has also composed many kirtans on various kshetras or places of pilgrimage around India.
In this series, we will go on a pradakshina of Bharata desha as we present, each month, a kirtan composed by Sri Swamiji on a particular kshetra. This month’s kirtan is one composed on the sweet Sri Guruvayurappan of Guruvayur kshetra, Kerala.
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The Miracle of Ucchishtam

Story Time

BodendralSwamiji then saw the little boy standing and gazing at the food. The compassionate saint asked the little one to eat with him. When the child did not respond to his call, the parents told him that…
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Sri Bodendra Saraswati Swamiji

Quiz Time

Read the story above about Sri Bhagavan Nama Bodhendra Saraswati and take the quiz.
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September News

Houston, TX

  • Houston GOD celebrated Radhashtami on Sep 12

Atlanta, GA

  • Atlanta GOD conducted a Radha Kalyanam celebration at a devotee’s residence on Sep 29

Bay Area, CA

  • Antaryami, a special fundraiser dance program was held in Fremont, CA on Sep 29
  • Krishnarpanam, a 7-day Srimad Bhagavata Saptaha Mahotsava was conducted under the guidance of Sri Ramanujam ji from Sep 30th – Oct 6th

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