Quiz – Divya Desam Series 7

There are 108 Divya Desams – temples/abodes of Lord Narayana that have been sung by the Azhwars. This month, take the quiz to learn more about one of the ancient temple cities in Northern India, Mathura.

1. In which state is Mathura located?
A. Ujjain
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Uttarkhand

2. ‘Mathura’ is fondly referred in tamil as ____________________
A. Then Madurai
B. Therku Madurai
C. Vada Madurai

3. How many pasurams have been composed on Mathura Divyadesam?
A. 400
B. 50
C. 408

4. Name  the Azhwar whose other name is Kaliyan and composed hymns on Mathura Divyadesam
A. Thondaradipodi Azhwar
B. Thirumangai Azhwar
C. Nammazhwar

5. How many Azhwars have composed hymns on Mathura Divyadesam?
A. 12
B. 8
C. 5

6. Name the river that flows in Mathura
A. Godavari
B. Yamuna
C. Cauvery

7. Which avatar of Lord Vishnu is primarily related to Mathura divyadesam?
A. Vamana
B. Parasurama
C. Krishna

8. What does the term ‘Madhuram’ refer to?
A. Sweet and Pleasant
B. Devotion
C. Temple

9. Which temple is located in Mathura Divyadesam?
A. Sri Govardhana Nesa Perumal temple
B. Sri Navamohana Krishna Perumal temple
C. Sri Devaraja Perumal temple

10. Name the demon who was killed by Shatrugna in Mathura
A. Lavanasura
B. Mandhata
C. Subahu

Compiled by
Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA


1 – B, 2 – C, 3 – B, 4 – B, 5 – C, 6 – B, 7 – C, 8 – A, 9 – A, 10 – A

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