Quiz Time – Azhwars

The jayanthi day of Sri Madhurakavi Azhwar was celebrated in May this year. It was through the chanting of this Azhwar’s 11 verses that the 4000 verses composed by all the Azhwars were recovered. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about the Azhwars.

1. Which God did the Azhwars primarily worship?
A. Lord Ganesha
B. Lord Shiva
C. Lord Vishnu

2. How many Azhwars are there?
A. Ten
B. Eleven
C. Twelve

3. Which Azhwar was the disciple of Nammazhwar
A. MadhuraKavi Azhwar
B. Thiruppan Azhwar
C. Bhoothath Azhwar

4. How many verses did all the Azhwars compose?
A. Three thousand
B. Four thousand
C. Five thousand

5. Who was the saint who retrieved all the Azhwars’ verses which were considered lost?
A. Nadamuni
B. Bhoopadeva
C. Nammazhwar

6. Which Azhwar was called Vipra Narayana?
A. Thiruppaan Azhwar
B. Madhurakavi Azhwar
C. Thondaradippodi Azhwar

7. Which Azhwar composed all his verses in praise of his Guru?
A. Madhurakavi Azhwar
B. Nammazhwar
C. Sri Andal

8. Which Azhwar remained mute and lived under a tamarind tree for 16 years?
A. Madhurakavi Azhwar
B. Bhoothath Azhwar
C. Nammazhwar

9. Name the Azhwar who had great devotion to Lord Rama.
A. Kulasekara Azhwar
B. Sri Andal
C. Pei Azhwar

10. In which language did the Azhwars sing praises of the Lord?
A. Hindi
B. Tamil
C. Telugu

11. Which Azhwar composed ‘Thiruppavai’?
A. Madhurakavi Azhwar
B. Sri Andal
C. Kulasekara Azhwar

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose, CA
1-C, 2-C, 3-A, 4-B, 5-A, 6-C, 7-A, 8-C, 9-A, 10-B, 11-B


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