Houston (US) Namadwaar Turns Three

With the Grace of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, the “Hare Rama.. Hare Krishna” Mahamantra has been chanted everyday for the last 3 years at USA’s very own Namadwaar Prayer House.

The Houston Namadwaar is one among over 19 such Namadwaar prayer houses around the world. This was the first Namadwaar to be established outside India.

As of March 2013, there are 16 Namadwaars in India and 3 Namadwaars outside India (in USA, Malaysia and Singapore). A Namadwaar in Sydney-Australia will soon be opened.

In all these Namadwaars, the Mahamantra is chanted every day with prayers for peace in the community, in the world, and for numerous individual prayer requests. It is indeed amazing to hear about the experiences of all those who have had their prayers fulfilled through the Mahamantra.

In the USA, this Houston Namadwaar, was inaugurated open on Feb 28, 2010 on Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s jayanthi day.

  • ¨ The Namadwaar is open to all, irrespective of religion, race, nationality, gender, caste or creed.
  • ¨ The Mahamantra will be continuously chanted within the Namadwaar, and those who enter the Nama Dwaar are also requested to continuously chant or listen to the chanting.
  • ¨ Prayer requests can be placed in a prayer box; prayers will be conducted regularly for these requests.
  • ¨ Satsangs, Gopa Kuteeram children’s programs and Srimad Bhagavatam classes and study circles are conducted regularly at Namadwaar.

281-402-6585 or houston.god@godivinity.org

G.O.D. USA will celebrate Namadwaar’s anniversary this year with

  • several programs and satsangs from March 28-31,
  • a food/clothes and medical supplies drive to benefit the community and
  • a commemorative cultural program on March 30.

Go to the homepage to see detailed information about the events.

What is Nama Dwaar?

Nama Dwaar literally means “the Portal of the Divine Name”. It is a path to the Supreme through Nama Sankirtan—chanting of the Divine Names.

Nama Dwaar is an initiative under the guidance of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji for the propagation of Nama Sankirtan, especially of the Mahamantra, as a way to provide material as well as spiritual upliftment to humanity at large, leading to peace and universal brotherhood.

Constant chanting of the Mahamantra automatically ensures divine presence. Prayers done in such precincts are undoubtedly fulfilled. This is Nama Dwaar, a prayerhouse where the Mahamantra is incessantly chanted.

Numerous such Nama Dwaars have been (and continue to be) established in various parts of India and the world.

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