Kids’ Contribution – What Krishna Likes!

KuntiKunti always kept her bhakti inside and never bowed down to Krishna before telling Kunti Stuti [in Srimad Bhagavatam].

Krishna bows down to Kunti and Kunti knows that Krishna is the all supreme, but raises her hand and says “aishman bavat”. Krishna wants Kunti to raise her hand, so Kunti does what He wants. A bhakta loves the Lord, so they do what He wants.

Likewise, there was a Rama bhakta named Vasudeva Parabramam. He had Rama’s darshan and Rama wanted to give Vasudeva Parabramam boons. Vasudeva Parabramam said he wanted to say ‘Rama’ all the time. Rama told him to ask for another boon, so this time Vasudeva Parabramam asked to say ‘Sita’ all the time. People asked why, and he said “because Rama loves Sita”. Such is the love of a bhakta.

Haritha Ragouramane, 8 yrs, Frisco TX
From Sri Ramanujamji’s lecture on Kunti Stuti


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