Kid’s Crossword – Prema Bhaktas

Feb 14 is celebrated everywhere as the Day of Love. Let’s test your knowledge of great devotees who had the highest divine love towards God.
Prema bhaktas CW

3 Great Azhwar who remained speechless and in samadhi under a tree for 16 years
4 Devotee who merged with Srinathji at the first sight after dancing in front of the Lord
5 Adopted daughter of Sant Namdev and a devotee with whom Lord Panduranga did household chores
7 Child devotee who was born in asura clan but had immense love for Lord Hari
9 This great devotee was sent by Lord Krishna to meet the Gopis with a message
10 A great saint who is revered as an incarnation of Lord Krishna and was born in Nabadwip, West Bengal
12 A great sanyasi who would sing and dance for Sri Krishna and composed the famous ‘Krishna Leela Tarangini’
13 The third consort of Lord Vishnu who is the epitome of divine love
14 A woman devotee of Lord Panduranga who attained oneness with Him in his sanctum. A tree – that is hugged by devotees even today—has grown in the spot where her body was buried

1 Sanskrit word for ‘Divine Love’
2 Saint who composed ‘Gita Govindam’ depicting the divine love of Radha Krishna
6 A devotee from Srivilliputur who had intense devotion for Lord Krishna
8 She is considered the epitome of Krishna bhakti in Brindavan
11 Devotee of Lord Krishna from Rajasthan who loved ‘Giridhari’

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Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA

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