Kid’s Quiz – Udupi Sri Krishna Temple

We began a new quiz series based on famous temples and monuments in India from Jan’2018. The third in this series is on the world-famous Udupi Sri Krishna Temple. Happy answering and learning!

1.  Name the state where Udupi temple is located.
a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Karnataka
c. Kerala

2. Name the great saint who established the Udupi temple.
a. Sri Adi Shankara
b. Sri Ramanujacharya
c. Sri Madhvacharya

3. What is the name of the philosophy that was propounded by Sri Madhvacharya?
a. Advaita
b. Dvaita
c. Vishistadvaitam

4. Name the idol that was requested by Rukmini to whom she performed  daily pooja. a. Lord Krishna as a Giridhari
b. Lord Krishna as a small young boy (Balakrishna)
c. Lord Krishna as an infant

5. What happened  to the idol that was worshiped by Rukmini when she returned to Vaikunta along with Lord Krishna?
a. She took the idol along with her to Vaikunta
b. She gave the idol to Uddhava
c. The idol fell on a heap of Gopi Chandan which eventually covered the whole idol that took the form of a huge stone.

6. How did the people use the huge stone that housed the idol of Lord Krishna ?
a. It was used as a stone in ships to balance the load of the cargo.
b. It was lying on the Dwaraka seashore unattended
c. It was treated as a sacred stone and everyone offered special worship on the banks of river Yamuna.

7. What happened when some traders began a sea voyage to a foreign land  with a heavy load of cargo?
a. A series of high waves hit the ship and tossed it
b. Many pirates tried to attack the ship
c. The traders encountered a feud and fought badly in the ship

8. How did the ship steer safely to the seacoast?
a. The sailors steered the ship skillfully and brought it safely to the seashore amidst the heavy rains.
b. The helpless sailors saw Sri Madhvaharya on the seashore, and offered their prayers to him for help. It was Sri Madhvacharya’s divine grace that helped the ship  steer safely to the sea coast.
c. The winds and rains stopped and the ship reached the seashore safely on its own.

9. What did Sri Madhvacharya request from the sailors when they offered him different kinds of goods and gems?
a. The stone that was used to balance the load of the cargo.
b. He did not accept anything from the sailors.
c. He requested the sailors to stay with him for few days.

10. How did Sri Madhvacharya explain about the significance of the stone when the travelers mocked at it as a mere stone?
a. He said that the stone is no ordinary stone and that it is verily Gopichandan, the holy paste that is worn on the forehead by the devotees of Lord Krishna.
b. He said that the stone was blessed by Lord Krishna himself
c. He said that the stone would cure anyone with any diseases when it is being worshipped.

11. What did Sri Madhvacharya do with the huge stone?
a. He worshiped the stone as it is.
b. He took some Gopichandan that was laden in the stone and wore it in twelve places on his body.
c. He slowly removed the Gopichandan from the stone till he uncovered the idol of the small young Krishna that was hidden in the stone, and consecrated in a temple whom we worship in Udupi today.

12. What is the Lord holding in his hand in the sanctum sanctorum of Udupi temple?
a. Flute
b. Churning rod and rope
c. Butter

13. Name the great devotee of Sri Vyasaraja who was a great Bhagavatothama.
a. Sri Purandaradasa
b. Sri Kanakadasa
c. Sri Gopaladasa

14. Being born in a lowly caste, Kanakadasa was not allowed to enter Udupi temple. How did Kanakadasa sing praises to the lord in Udupi?
a. By standing near the front gate
b. By standing on the back wall
c. By standing on the side entrance

15. What did the Lord in Udupi do to give darshan to Kanakadasa?
a. The Lord disguised as a small boy helped Kanakadasa by running chores in his fields.
b. Turned Himself to face the back wall and used his churning rod to make a small hole in the wall so that Kanakadasa could have His darshan
c. Gave darshan to Kanakadasa in the middle of the night.

16. How is the Lord in Udupi worshiped even today?
a. Through the main entrance
b. Through the side entrance
c. Through a small window on the back side

17. Udupi is known as “________________________”.
a. Anna Brahmam Kshetram
b. Mukti Kshetram
c. Booloka Vaikunta

 Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA

1 – b, 2 – c, 3 -b, 4 – b, 5 – c, 6 – a, 7 – a, 8 – b, 9 – a, 10 – a, 11 – c, 12 – b, 13 – b, 14 – b, 15 – b,
16 – c, 17 – a

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