Krishna and the Poisonous Snake

One day, Krishna went alone to a particular spot in River Yamuna. This was different because Krishna went without Balarama. All of his friends were at home in Gokula talking, laughing and playing. Little did they know that Krishna had headed to the forbidden place!

The particular spot in Yamuna was inhabited by a dreaded snake called Kaliya. He had poisoned the waters. Whoever drank the water would die. Krishna was very angry and wanted to teach Kaliya a lesson.

Krishna looked at the blue waters of Yamuna. The water was now very black because of the poison that Kaliya spit out. Krishna stood there for a while looking at all the trees nearby, but they were all dead since the poisoning of the air killed all the roots and the leaves.  Krishna saw a Kadamba tree next to the river. Krishna started to climb the tree.

Krishna jumped into the river and all the water started becoming blue.  Kaliya woke up from his sleep. Kaliya was wondering who was brave enough to enter the river. Kaliya came out of the water and saw Krishna. He started to coil around Krishna.  In the meantime, the Gopas and Gopis of Gokula searched for Krishna everywhere and finally, following his footprints, arrived at the river. On seeing Krishna bound by Kaliya, Krishna’s mother Yashoda fainted. Nanda baba, Krishna’s father started to enter the water to save his son. Balarama tried to pacify his father because he knew that Krishna would defeat Kaliya as He was Lord Narayana himself.

Krishna and Kaliya began to fight. Kaliya tried to squeeze Krishna and use his fangs to inject poison into Krishna’ shoulder. But, Krishna escaped out of Kaliya’s clutches. Then, Kaliya used his tail to smack Krishna, but Krishna jumped onto his head and caught hold of his tail.  Krishna then kept on dancing on his head. Kaliya grew tired and almost fainted. He knew he could not win Krishna. Kaliya’s many wives came and begged for forgiveness. Krishna let Kaliya go.

Kaliya’s wives thanked Krishna for teaching him a lesson and they were happy that Krishna put his feet on his head and that meant Kaliya had done something right in this life or his previous one. Krishna ordered Kaliya to go back to Ramana Dweepam, where he had originally lived. Kaliya then receded into the water and went away along with his wives.  The water was clean again. All the villagers and Yashoda were very happy and started to dance and sing and once again. Krishna saved the day!

Arjun Arunachalam, 11 years, Dallas TX


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