Madhura Geetam – Bharata Pradakshina 25

In this series, we will go on a pradakshina of Bharata desha as we present, each month, a kirtan composed by His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji on a particular kshetra, starting from south India and then going north and back.


Tiruviheendrapuram is a Divyadesam in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity here is known as Devanatha or the Lord of the Lords.Devanatha Swami Temple

It is believed that Adi Sesha, who is also known as “Aheendra” constructed the place. Hence the name Tiruviheendrapuram. Legend says that the Lord was once thirsty. So both Garuda and Adi Sesha went to fetch water. Garuda dug the earth and brought Ganga and the heavenly river Viraja together. This came to be known as Garuda theertham (water/pond). Adi Sesha also dug the earth and the water he brought is known as Sesha theertham. Since Adi Sesha returned with water first and so the Lord drank his water. Hence, to this day, water from Sesha theertham is used for preparing food for the Lord. And the water from Garuda theertham is used for performing abhisheka (bathing) to the Lord.

Sri Vedanta Desika, a great Vaishnava saint, is known to have spent several years in this town. He has a shrine in the temple. Another interesting fact is this temple is in the same district (Cuddalore) as the birth town of Sri Swamiji. In fact Sri Swamiji mentions this in his song composed on Lord Devanatha in Anandha Bhairavi Raga. During His childhood, Sri Swamiji has spent many hours in this temple, meditating on the Lord.  The song and its meaning are presented here for you to read and enjoy.

Darshanam Dehi
Raga: Anandha Bhairavi

darshanam dehi devanAtha

garuDa nadi tIra ullAsa vAsa
kamalAsana sthita bhArgavi nAyaka
karuNA vIkshaNa kamala vilochana
kanakAmbaradhara bhuvana sundara

nigamAnta desika Ashrita charaNa
nitya mahotsava nirmalAkAra
nija bhaktim dehi tava charaNayorme
nidiretadeva mama deva deva

chandrakalAdhara kamala hasta
shankachakradhara shyAmaLa varNa
mArkaNDeya muni sevita charaNa
muraLidhara janma sthAna deva

O Lord Devanatha! Kindly bestow me with your vision!

One who joyfully resides on the banks of Garuda river,
One who is the consort of Bhargavi (Lakshmi Devi) who sits on a lotus,
One who has a compassionate gaze flowing from His lotus eyes,
One who is the most beautiful in all the worlds, wearing a golden attire!

One unto whose feet Sri Vedanta Desika surrendered
One with a pristine form who loves being celebrated everyday
Please bestow me with true devotion to your Feet
Oh Lord of the Lords! This is my only treasure!

One who bears the crescent moon and holds a lotus in His hand
One who is dark-complexioned and sports the Conch and the Discus
One whose feet were worshipped by Sage Markandeya
You are the Lord of the birthplace of Muralidhara

Sowmya Balasubramanian, Fremont CA

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