Sampradaya Camp in Chicago

By the immense grace of our Guru Maharaj and the Lord, a 3 day Sampradaya Summer camp for kids was conducted from June 17th to June 19th. It was a grand success. There were 15 kids who took part in the camp and happily participated all 3 days and didn’t want the camp to end so soon. The kids learnt Yoga and few bhajans on all three days. They learnt at least one art per day. On the first day they learnt the ‘Madhubani painting’ were they drew SUN-God and beautifully colored it. For game-time they played ‘Pallanguzhi’ and ‘Paramapadam’ – two ancient games of India. The kids were taught the origin and significance of the ancient wisdom hidden in each art or game they learnt every day.
On the second day, apart from yoga and music, they learnt pottery – they made old age kitchen utensils. In the afternoon they learnt the art of Mehendhi and later enjoyed a 20 mins session of video time were they watched a video on ‘Temples and Landmarks of India’ with pop-corn.
On the third day, the kids learnt to draw the colorful Rangoli and learnt to make ‘Panchamritham’ – a simple but ethnic Indian sweet. The kids enjoyed making their own ‘Panchamritham’ and ate them all. In the afternoon, the parents were invited to see and appreciate their kids work from all three days. A quiz titles Parents Vs Kids was conducted by Sri Suresh with questions from the ‘Indian Heritage’. Guess what, the Kids WON!
Mrs. Tripthi Desai, Principal of All About Kids Montessori was the Chief Guest. She appreciated the work done by the kids during the camp and gave a short talk on parenting. With all the cheer and nicely dressed in the Indian costume, all the kids participated in the Grand Musical Finale and surprised the parents. The songs, the kids sang were learnt by them in just the 3 days of the camp. All the kids did a Great job in the camp.

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