Chitra Pournami Satsang in Houston

A divinely beautiful Chitra Pournami satsang was conducted with Sri Premika Varadan-Madhuri Sakhi on Monday April 30 2018 evening, in the presence of Sri Ramanujamji. The satsang was held outdoors on the banks of a pond in the grounds of New Life Plaza, a devotee’s property located near Houston Namadwaar. As a cool, gentle breeze blew, the Divine Couple were decorated with flowers and their palanquin was decorated like a nikunjam. Lamps were lit all around them. Beautiful songs of Sri Guruji and other mahans were sung in praise of the Divine Couple. As prasad was offered to the Divine Couple, the full moon began to rise. After having prasad in the open grounds, along with Bhagavan, more songs were sung as Premika Varadan sat facing the beautiful full moon.
It was a joyful evening and night for all 30 devotees who attended the satsang.

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