Ground Breaking Satsang in Cleveland, Ohio

Sri Poornimaji and G.O.D. USA were invited for the first time to Cleveland, and by the divine grace of Sri Swamiji, the short 2 day (Sep 9-10th) series was a grand success. Sri Poornima ji spoke brilliantly on the basics of Bhagavata Dharma on Day 1, and delved into the first 3 slokas of Srimad Bhagavatam on Day 2 – summarizing the essence of all scriptures as gratitude to Lord Sri Hari, and the easiest way to show that is by chanting the Mahamantra. The crowd of 75-100 new people were awed by Sri Poornimaji’s breadth of knowledge and have invited her to do a Saptaham in January 2018. Sri Sridharan Ji and Smt. Bhuvana Sridharan Ji hosted the event and worked tirelessly for the success of the ground-breaking satsang in Cleveland, Ohio.

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