Janmashtami Celebration by Raleigh GOD Chapter

By SRi Swamiji’s grace, Raleigh GOD satsang celebrated Janmashtami satsang on August 11th Tuesday, with Akhanda nama chanting from 2.00 to 6:00 Pm. We had also completed 2 weeks of 10th Canto parayanam in the mornings from 6-7:30am which was started on july28th.

On Janmashtami day , as a part of online satsang, we did parayanam of the first three chapters till Krishna Jananam.  Then Satsang  members sang Jananam Kirtans, Pancha gitams and also Maduragitams on Krishna and Yugalam composed by Sri Swamiji.  We then completed with Harathi. About 25 members  participated through Duo online.

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