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Gurukulams: Impeccable Systems of Education

August is “back to school” month in the USA, as children everywhere prepare to begin a new school year. Schools today tend to focus primarily on teaching the skills needed for students to eventually lead a life of comfort, wealth, and even power, in the world. Little emphasis, if any, is given to moral and spiritual values as these are not considered to be in the realm of necessary basic education.

On the contrary, the “Gurukulam” education system of ancient India was far more advanced and much more complete and effective as a system that took care of the all – round development of the individual…
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Adhika Masa, the Leap Month

We are all familiar with the term ‘leap year’. According to the Gregorian calendar, which is the standard calendar in most parts of the world a leap year comes once every 4 years and contains an extra day. Our Hindu lunar calendars too have the concept of leap year. Except these leap years don’t have just an extra day, but a whole extra month!
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Answers and Beyond…

Spiritual questions answered by HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

ji[1]What makes the incarnation of Lord Krishna more special than the other incarnations of Lord Vishnu?
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The Mahamantra: Words that can Solve ANY Issue!

Short Story Contribution by a Young Reader

puzzled boyRakesh was simple 13-year-old boy who loved to tinker with electronics. He loved to take things apart and put them back together again. Rakesh however did not show any interest in his studies, which his stepmother always pushed him to do. His dad however, let him follow his passion of tinkering with electronics.
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Quiz Time — Krishna Trivia

August 9, 2012 is Krishna Janmashtami. Most of us are quite familiar with Sri Krishna’s childhood and youth lilas as a cowherd in Gokula and Vrindavan. For a change, here are some questions to see how much you know about the Lord’s lilas during his royal adulthood in Dwaraka. So here you go…
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News of the month

**Special Guru Poornima satsangs and events were held in different cities around the USA. Click below for the reports and pictures.
Six-Day Akhanda Mahamantra Sankirtan and Special Guru Poornima satsang at Houston Namadwaar
Special satsang with Palki procession and Madhura Anubhavas in Seattle
Special Satsang with performances by Gopa Kuteeram children in Dallas

**G.O.D.’s Dancing Peacock Puppet Company performed twice at the Children’s Museum of Houston
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**Houston GOD’s 6-week long Gopa Kuteeram Youth Summer Camp came to a wonderful close.
Click here to read the report of the entire camp.

**A Bone Marrow Drive was conducted by Dallas GOD to benefit an ailing 10-year-old boy Click here to read the report.

Upcoming Events

AUG 10-18 — 6AM to 6PM Akhanda Mahamantra Sankirtan
Schedule of Discourses by Sri Ramaswamyji
AUG 17, Fri — 6 PM Krishna Jananam
AUG 18, Sat — 6 PM Govinda Pattabhishekham
AUG 19, Sun — 11 AM Rukmini Kalyanam
For more info, call 832-515-1251 or email

AUG 10, Friday: 8:30 PM onwards at the residence of Priya Murali
Mahamantra kirtan, Srimad Bhagavatam parayanam, Bhajans, Thottil ceremony, Nandotsav and special Gopa Kuteeram activities.
For more info, email or call 425-445-0157.

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