Nama Dwaar newsletter – March 2018

To My Lovely Satsang Family

Sri Swamiji’s beautiful message brimming with love, addressing all the satsang brethren.

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 Cherished Memoirs – 58

Genuine search for God leads one to the Holy Feet of a Sadguru – Part II


Here is the second part of experiences of Australia GOD Satsang devotee Karunamai (Annette Williams) of Australia.


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Conversations with Sri Swamiji – Part 3

Vital Questions on Sampradaya(Tradition)

In a free-flowing conversation, Sri Swamiji answers four vital questions on our sampradayam (tradition) to a devotee, who questions with humility and simplicity.

Devotee: Respected Sri Swamiji, many people who are in the same path of Krishna bhakti call Sri Adi ShankaraBhagavadpada as a ‘mayavadi’…

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 Vedanta Aathicudi – 6

Ukkamudan japam sei!

“Athichoodi” is a type of poetic work (in Tamil) that comprises of a collection of one-line philosophical verses. HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji has composed a “Vedanta Athichoodi”, a poetic work that speaks of life’s most important principles. We had published the entire Vedanta Athichoodi and its overall meaning as part of our Madhura Geetham Sloka Series, earlier this year.

Here we present an in-depth look, into the meaning of each of the lines in this Vedanta Athichoodi.

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 Kid’s Contribution

Valmiki Transformed

Krishnanujam Srinivas from Bay Area, CA narrates the story of Saint Valmiki who was transformed by the power of Rama Nama.


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Gargi Award!

The Hindu Council of Australia Honoured Smt Jayanthi ji

Jayanthiji is a long time devotee of Sri Swamiji. She along with her husband and two sons serve Sri Swamiji’s mission in Australia satsang for more than a decade. In the Women’s day celebrations, Jayanthi Ji was honored by Hindu Council of Australia for her selfless service to those in need of Chaplaincy services.

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Udupi Krishna Temple

This month we begin a new quiz series based on famous temples and monuments in India. Happy answering and learning! 

This month, test your knowledge on the Udupi Krishna Temple in Karnataka, South India.

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News of the month (Feb-Mar 2018)

**Sri Poornima ji’s and Sri Ramanujam ji’s Satsangs in the US

**Dallas, TX
NEW US NAMADWAAR OPENED IN DALLAS – Click here for detailed report

**Austin, TX
‘Prahlad- The Power of Love’ –  3-day Ground breaking satsang.  Click here for detailed report

**Houston, TX
‘Ode to Harmony’ – Click here for detailed report
‘Body Mind and Soul Retreat’ – Click here for detailed report
‘Bhavayami Raghuramam’ – Click here for detailed report

**San Antonio, TX
‘Guru Mahima’ exposition at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in San Antonio,TX
Click here for detailed report

“The Treasure of Sanathana Dharma-For This Age”-Discourse by Sri Ramanujamji in San Antonio,TX
Click here for detailed report

**Phoneix, AZ
‘Bhagavata Saram’ – Ground Breaking Satsangs in Phoenix,AZ
Click here for detailed report

**Louisville, KY
‘Sundara Kandam’- Ground Breaking Satsangs in Louisville, KY
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Upcoming Events

Sri Ramanujam ji’s Programs

Sri Ramanujamji, disciple of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, will visit the US in Feb-Mar 2018. He will also participate in and conduct several programs in the US during his visit.

‘Guru Krupa Anjanam’ – 3-Day Discourse Series in English by Sri Ramanujamji
MAR 19 & 21, 7 – 8.15 PM
MAR 20, 6.30 – 8.30 PM
Click here to see the flier.

‘Practical Path to Happiness in the current age’ – 4-Day Discourse Series in English by Sri Ramanujamji
MAR 22 to 24 at 6.30 PM 
MAR 25 at 6.30 PM 
Click here to see the flier.


MAR 24 – Sri Rama Navami Mahotsavam.  Click here for flier.

Mar 24-25 – Sundarakanda Parayanam in Dallas Namadwaar. Click here for flyer

APR 7 – “Puranava – Indian cultural fest” – For details:
Click here for Puranava Quiz competition details
Click here for Puranava Art competition details

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