Pandharpur Bhaktas Quiz Series 2 – Sant Gorakumbhar

Sant Gorakumbhar was a staunch devotee of Lord Panduranga in Pandharpur. Lord Panduranga played many lilas in the life of this loving devotee. Let us take the quiz on Sant Gorakumbhar to see how much we know about him.

1. Sant Gorakumbhar was a/an ____________ by profession:
A. Artist
B. Potter
C. Barber

2. Name two other devotees of Lord Panduranga who were contemporaries of Gorakumbhar
A. Namadev and Jnaneshwar
B. Ekanath and Kanhopatra
C. Kanhopatra and Janabai

3. Gorakumbhar was also fondly known as?
A. Jagannath
B. Goroba
C. Kurmadas

4. Name the village where Gorakumbhar lived?
A. Dehu Road
B. Paitan
C. Tardokhi

5. What was the name of Gorakumbhar’s son?
A. Vittal
B. Hari
C. Krishna

6. While Gorakumbhar was kneading the clay with his feet, the weather changed and the dark clouds reminded him of
A. Panduranga’s dark-hued face with curly hair
B. Scary form
C. His son who might get scared of the thunder

7. How did Gorakumbhar react when he unknowingly trampled his son while kneading the clay as he was lost in thoughts of the Lord?
A. He became an atheist and blamed Panduranga for the loss
B. He accepted the tragedy in his life also as Panduranga’s will and remained deeply devoted to Him
C. He left his wife, moved to the Himalayas and took up sanyasa

8. Gorakumbhar was so righteous that he ________ when his wife made him break his vow
A. Cut off his own hands
B. Left his wife
C. Blinded himself

9. As Gorakumbhar could not pursue his profession anymore, what did Lord Panduranga and Rukmini do?
A. Came disguised as a young couple, and served Gorakumbhar and his wife as their parents, filling the role of their lost son, while also doing a potter’s job for their sake
B. Showered a lot of money and made them rich
C. Let them suffer in silence

10. How did Lord Panduranga bless Gorakumbhar years later, during the satsang with Namadev and Jnaneshwar at the Pandharpur temple?
A. Bestowed him with hands and brought his son back to life
B. Bestowed him with eyesight and brought his wife back to life
C. Revived him from the dead

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan San Jose CA

1 – B, 2 – A, 3- B, 4 – C, 5 – B, 6 – A, 7 – B, 8 – A, 9 – A, 10 – A

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