Pandharpur Bhaktas Quiz Series 4 – Namdev

Sant Namdev was devoted to Lord Panduranga since his childhood. This devotee had the fortune of having the darshan of the Lord as a child and grew up in close communion with the Lord. Let us take the following quiz to see how much we know about this devotee.

1.Who were Namadev’s parents?
A. Damashet and Gunabai
B. Jagannatha Mishra and Sachi Devi
C. Vittalapant and Rakumabhai

2. Who is Namadev’s foster daughter?
A. Muktabai
B. Janabai
C. Meerabai

3. What was the profession carried out by Namadev’s father?
A. Potter
B. Cobbler
C. Tailor

4. Who was the person who always helped Janabai in her daily chores?
A. Namadev
B. Panduranga
C. Gnaneshwar

5. What happened when the young Namdev went to offer the divine prasad to Lord Panduranga?
A. Namdev went and locked himself in the sanctorum and ate the divine prasad
all by himself.
B. Namdev went and humbly offered the prasad but the Lord did not show any sign of
eating. He then started to cry out to the Lord and to make Namdev happy, Panduranga actually ate the divine
C. Namdev hid the divine prasad inside the temple sanctorum

6. Which devotee of Lord Panduranga was a contemporary of Namdev?
A. Sant Tukkaram
B. Sant Gnaneshwar
C. Sant Pundaleeka

7. What happened on the day when everyone went to Gorakumbhar’s house for a
A. Muktabai took a stick and placed it on everyone’s head to see if they were
baked or not akin to how a potter would test if the pots are baked or not.
B. Gorakumbar arranged for a grand feast and everyone ate sumptuously and fell asleep.
C. The divine wedding between Lord Panduranga and Rakhumai took place
at Gorakumbhar’s house and many thronged to witness the divine wedding.

8. Who was Namadev’s wife?
A. Radha
B. Rajayi
C. Rukmini

9. Who was Namdev’s Guru?
A. Sant Tukkaram
B. Samartha Ramadas
C. Visoba Khechar

10. Why did Namdev go to find a Guru?
A. Because Lord Vittala told him that to acquire Jnana he had to have the grace of a Guru
B. Because he wanted to see God
C. Sant Tukkaram requested Namdev to meet a Sadhu and take tutelage under him

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA

1 – A, 2 – B, 3 – C, 4 – B, 5 – B, 6 – B, 7 – A, 8 – B, 9 – C, 10 – A

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