Cherished Memoirs 67 – Sri Swamiji’s Pandharpur Visit in Jan 2019

Sri Swamiji’s Pandharpur Visit in January 2019

From Jan 7 to Jan 13, 2019, HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji visited Pandharpur kshetra, with a number of devotees, to perform a seven-day Mahamantra Nama Saptaham. The Mahamantra was chanted there all day for seven days. On some days, in the evenings, Sri Swamiji visited holy places in and around Pandharpur with all the devotees. He also performed nagara kirtan on the streets of Pandharpur… the town that is called Namacha Bazaar (a marketplace of the Divine Name) resounded even more with the Divine Names in the presence of Sri Swamiji.

Those seven days were indeed a blissful time for all those who were fortunate to be there with Sri Swamiji. Pandharpur kshetra is very close to the heart of Sri Swamiji (as witnessed even a few years ago in the televised Veedu Thedi Varuvaan Vittalan series), and for all the seven days, he was constantly in the thoughts of Lord Panduranga (Vittala). He chanted Vittala’s Divine Names constantly and lost himself in the bliss of love of the Lord. Words can barely be used to describe the experience of all those who were there at that time, both Sri Swamiji’s devotees as well as the large numbers of local devotees (Pandharpur-vasis) who joined Sri Swamiji’s kirtan.

Yet, for the benefit of all of us who were not fortunate enough to be there in person, a devotee has beautifully tried to give a picture of those seven unique days in Pandharpur.

Please read the devotee’s report here. These are indeed cherished memoirs.

Akhanda Nama Sapthaham at Pandharpur

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