Grasping the Form of the Lord

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There once lived a famous artist who had traveled far and wide. He was honored by all kings for his exceptional talent. Being very proud of his accomplishments, he was anxious to seek praise from Lord Krishna, the Supreme, whom he had never had a chance to meet until then. One day the artist got an appointment with the Lord and requested Him to pose for a portrait. The artist prepared the outline and told Lord Krishna that he would have the final portrait ready in a week’s time. Lord Krishna was well aware of the artist’s ego.
After a week, the artist brought the finished portrait wrapped in a white cloth. When the portrait was unveiled in the presence of the Lord, the artist was taken aback at the lack of similarity between Lord Krishna and the portrait. The artist decided to redo his painting and asked for a week’s time to get the job done. But to his utter disappointment, the new portrait did not match Lord Krishna’s appearance either. The artist tried several times but every time the result was equally disappointing. In total dejection, he decided to leave the city.

When he was leaving, he happened to meet sage Narada. When he heard what the artist’s problem was, Narada told him that it was silly to attempt to paint the picture of Lord Krishna. He explained that the Lord had no fixed form and that He could change His appearance every second if He wished. Narada then offered to reveal a method by which the artist could paint a portrait of the Lord. As the artist nodded eagerly, Narada whispered something into the artist’s ear.
Following the advice given by Narada, the artist went to see Lord Krishna again with a frame covered by a white cloth. He told Him that this time the painting would look exactly like Him, regardless of any changes. When the cloth was removed, the Lord saw a mirror that merely reflected His image. Lord Krishna was pleased as the painter had finally understood the meaning of His play.

Moral: Make your mind clear like the mirror, getting rid of pride. Fill it with love and devotion instead, and God will bless you with his darshan.

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