Navaratri Trivia

1. Name the deity from whom Mahishasura, the demon, received the boon of near-immortality?
a. Lord Shiva
b. Lord Vishnu
c. Lord Brahma

2. On which day does the worship of Devi Durga begin?
a. Mahasaptami
b. Dashami
c. Mahalaya

3. What is the name of the fortnight in which Durga Puja is celebrated?
a. Devipaksha
b. Krishnapaksha
c. Suklapaksha

4. In Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, families celebrate Navaratri by arranging
a. Dolls
b. Lamps
c. Flowers

5. Children are given instructions to write the first few alphabets on rice (for the first time) on this auspicious day
a. Durgashtami
b. Mahanavami
c. Vijayadasami

1-c, 2-a, 3-a, 4-a, 5-c

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