Sri Poornima ji’s Satsangs in Pennsylvania

By the immense grace of our Sri Swamiji and by the causeless mercy of the divine couple Sri Madhurisakhi sametha Sri Premika varadha Thakurji, our first Satsang with Sri Poornimaji in Pennsylvania (PA) between May 31st and Jun 2nd was very well received by the local community.

The first two-day Satsang was held at Sri Anandji and Smt Sandhyaji’s residence in Glen Mills, PA.

Sri Poornimaji showered all the devotees with the 2-day discourse series on ‘Chala Pandarila Javu’(let’s go to Pandari).

The first day, Sri Poornimaji started her discourse expounding the greatness of Satsang, beautifully explaining attaining Moksha / Vaikunta is nothing but being in a state of uninterrupted blissful happiness without tieing it with the materialistic outcome which can be achieved by chanting Bhagavan Nama. She then transported all of us directly to Pandarpur, a small village in western India,  narrated how our Mathura Nayaka with excitement visited Pundalikan’s little hut to watch him serve his Parents, gladly standing on the brick as seats offered by Pundalikan and how Bhagavan left His Archavatharam(His form in the form of the idol) as requested by Pundalikan.

On the second day, she immersed all devotees by bringing to life the story of Namdev and how his faith melted the Lord to accept the prasadam offered by him. She concluded the Satsang with the message that Bhagavan showers His grace and protects the Bhakthas who put absolute faith in HIM.

In the afternoon, Sri Poornimaji attended the 1st annual day event of Vedic Patashala as Chief Guest. During her short speech, she beautifully explained that attending such spiritual classes are very important as they provide mental strength to all children to face the society with confidence and to handle any tough situation in one’s life.

The third day, the discourse was held in Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple, Collegeville, PA where the monthly GOD Satsang happens every 2nd Saturday. Sri Poornimaji expounded on ‘Atmanivedhanam’ enlightening all devotees with the essence of Sri Bhagavat Gita. She beautifully explained that Bhagavat Gita is the Voice of Bhagavan while Srimad Bhagavatham is Bhagavan Himself. She concluded the satsang by assuring the devotees that in Kaliyuga, Nama Sankirtanam (Vachiga Sharanagathi) is the simplest way to (Surrender oneself to Bhagavan) ‘Atmanivedhanam’  and be in complete bliss/happiness with the Lord all the time.

PA GOD Satsang prays at the Lotus feet of Sri Swamiji and Thakurji to bless us with more such Satsangs and service.

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