Pandharpur Bhaktas Quiz Series 6 – Pundalika & Bhakta Narahari

As we continue with the Panduranga bhakta series of quizzes, this month let’s learn more about the unique devotees who were not exactly Panduranga’s devotees in the traditional sense – Pundalika and Bhakta Narahari.

1. What does the term ‘Vithoba’ refer to”?
A. The one standing on a brick
B. The one sleeping in milky ocean
C. The one in reclining posture

2. Who was Pundalika?
A. A devotee of the Lord who was a potter
B. A devotee of the Lord who served his parents wholeheartedly
C. A devotee of the Lord who was a barber

3. To where did Pundalika and his parents embark on a pilgrimage?
A. Brindavan
B. Kasi
C. Ayodhya

4. Name the Sage’s hermitage where Pundalika and his parents rested after their weary
journey, on the banks of the Bhima river.
A. Bharatwaja
B. Agastya
C. Kukuta Maharishi

5. What did the sage tell Pundalika to do?
A. To take his parents to Kasi as soon as possible
B. To take them on a pilgrimage to Dwaraka instead
C. To stay right there on the banks of the Bhima river and serve his parents wholeheartedly

6. What did Pundalika do, on hearing the sage’s instruction?
A. He decided to complete his journey to Kasi
B. He stayed on the banks of Bhima river and devoted himself to his parents
C. He renounced family life and took up sanyasa

7. Who came to visit Pundalika to see the selfless service he was doing to his parents?
A. Rama and Sita
B. Shiva and Parvathi
C. Krishna and Rukmini

8. What did Pundalika request the Lord and his wife to do till he completed his daily routine work?
A. Visit other places while he finished his chores
B. Gave a brick and asked the Lord and his wife to stand upon it
C. Visit the homes, other devotees of the Lord

9. What was the request put forth by Pundalika to the Lord?
A. Requested Him to stay in Pandharpur and that the Lord should be fondly called as
B. Pundalika wanted to do Namasankirtan circumambulating the Lord
C. Pundalika wanted to cook and serve divine prasad to the Lord and his consort who visited their home

10. Narahari Sonar was a devotee of Lord _____________.
A. Krishna
B. Rama
C. Shiva

11. What was the profession of Narahari Sonar?
A. Potter
B. Teacher
C. Goldsmith

12. What was the request that Narahari received from a devotee of Lord Panduranga
A. To clean Lord Panduranga’s temple
B. To make a girdle for Lord Panduranga
C. To sew an expensive dress for Lord Panduranga

13. Since Narahari being a devotee of Lord Shiva did not wish to visit Lord Panduranga’s temple. How did Lord Panduranga reveal to Narahari that he was none other than Lord Shiva?
A. When Narahari visited Lord Panduranga’s temple a divine voice was heard which said that Lord Panduranga was none other than Lord Shiva himself
B. Narahari visited the temple of Lord Panduranga blindfolded and when he touched Lord Panduranga to take measurements he felt that it was Lord Shiva since he could feel Lord Shiva’s matted hair, the moon, and third eye.
C. Lord Panduranga came in the dream of Narahari and told him that he was none other than Lord Shiva

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA

1 – A, 2 – B, 3 – B, 4 – C, 5 – C, 6 – B, 7 – C, 8 – B, 9 – A, 10 – C, 11 – C, 12 – B, 13 – B

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