The Power of the Divine Name – Children’s Contribution

The Lord is always with us whether we know it or not. He is always there when we need him most and even when we are not thinking about Him at all. However, as soon as we invoke any one of the names of the Lord, He enters our heart in an instant. One word is enough to call the Lord to be with us in that moment when we are thinking of Him.

One well-known example of this is in the Mahabharata when Draupadi reached out to the Lord in her dire time of need. It all started with a game between the Pandavas and Kauravas, a game of dice. Yudhishthira, one of Draupadi’s five husbands who was known for being unable to refuse a challenge, could not resist when he received an invitation from the Kauravas for a game of dice. From the start, Yudhishthira was unable to win because of the fact that his opponent’s unbeatable uncle Sakuni was casting the opponent’s dice. After betting and losing everything he owned, including his brothers Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva as well as his own liberty, Yudhishthira believed that he had nothing left to lose.

However, Sakuni convinced him to play one last time with his wife Draupadi at stake. Yudhishthira lost Draupadi as well. When she was dragged out in front of the court by her hair and humiliated, the helpless Draupadi invoked Lord Krishna by his Name and surrendered to Him. Her prayers were answered immediately when Dushasana attempted to pull her sari from her but could not, as more and more cloth continued to come with every pull.

Draupadi was saved by the Lord because she thought of Him and uttered His name. In doing so, she was granted the protection of the Lord at once. If we depend on the Lord and invoke His name like Draupadi, we will never be disappointed because the Lord is always with us and will come instantly when we need Him.

Sheetal Bapu, 16 years,  Redding CA



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