Mahamantra Mass Prayer and Bhakti Yogam Discourse Series in Atlanta

By the benign grace of our beloved Gurumaharaj HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji and the causeless mercy of the divine couple Sri Sri Madhuri sakhi sametha Sri Premika Varadha Takurji, January 1, 2017 New year started with a grand mass prayer led by Sri Ramanujamji. It was a gathering of over 250 Bhaktas at Sri Sathyanarayana Temple, Cumming, GA where everyone prayed, chanting the Mahamantra, for peace and welfare of the world. It was blissful to see kids and adults drowned in the divine chanting and swinging to its tune. Sri Ramanujamji beautifully explained what real prarthana is and how important is Faith and Gratitude in a Prarthana.
The mass prayer was followed by Sri Ramanujamji’s discourse on “Bhakti Yoga”, chapter 12 from Bhagwat Gita. We had a 7 day discourse on the topic starting on 1st January 2017, continuing until 7th January 2017, with close to 150 bhagawadas attending daily. In his discourse, Ramanujamji enlightened us about two paths to attain the lotus feet- saguna margam, the path of surrender through unalloyed devotion and Nirguna margam, the path of gyana and inner realization. The pravachan gave an insight to divine conversation of Lord Krishna with Arjuna where Lord Krishna explains which one of the two margams is more established, assuring than the other. And in this journey of bhakti yoga, we got to hear many divine stories and experiences of various Bhaktas that teaches us how to lead a life offering everything we do, to Bhagavan Sri Krishna (Krishna arpanam) !
Along with Ramanujamji’s pravachan, we also had Madhuragitham Aradhana program in the evening for 5 days from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. The madhuragitham concert was a part of the Madhuragitham Mahayagnam that is being celebrated across USA, covering all the Madhuragitham composed by Sri Swamiji. This year GOD Atlanta satsang, got a privilege to enjoy 100 Madhuragitham. The musical concert was performed by Atlanta musicians Smt. Gayatri Vasant, Smt. Sandhya Balaji, Smt. Teja Raghu, Smt. Ranjani Yoganand and Sri. Salem Sriram.
We also celebrated Radha Kalyaanam,on 2nd January, that again marked a divine beginning of the New year. We had ashtapadis and bhajans by Sri. Subra Viswanathanlanta, followed by melodious renditions of over 30 madhuragitham kirtans by satsang kids. The grand celebration was followed by Kalyaana prasadham served to all devotees. Over 100 bhakthas participated in the event.
We not only enjoyed the spiritual lecture, but also a professional corporate program on the final day by Sri Ramanujamji on the topic “Inner voice of Harmony”. The event took place at Hotel Marriott with more than 55 executives who took back home precious message on effective communication and maintaining inner harmony at all trailing situations. The program was well received and appreciated by all participants.
With a positive step towards Spiritual Development , Namasankeertanam, Prayers and Inner Transformation sessions, Bhaktas and bhagawadas once again enjoyed Sri Ramanujamji’s blissful discourse and Satsangam. Looking forward for Sri Ramanujam Ji’s next visit to Atlanta.!

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