Oh, Will You Not Say “Krishna”?

Feb 10, 2013 was Sri Purandara Dasa’s Aradhana day. A great saint known for his beautiful compositions filled with devotion, he was one who exhorted all to sing the Names of the Lord!

In a well-known song, he sings, “When you have got this rare human birth and have a tongue, can you not say “Krishna”?”

Remembering this great saint, why don’t we try to simply say  “Krishna” through the day, as he begs us to in this kirtan?

nara-janma bandAga nAligE yiruvAga Krishna yena bAradE?
Krishna yendarE sakala kashtavu parihara Krishna yena bAradE?

Oh, man! When you have been blessed with a human birth and a tongue, can’t you utter “Krishna”?
uttering “Krishna!” removes all woes: Oh, can’t you utter “Krishna?”

malagiddhu maimurittu yELuttalOmme Krishna yena bAradE?
sulidAdutta maneyOlagAdaru ommE Krishna yena bAradE?
As you wake up after sleep and stretch can’t you, just once, utter “Krishna”?
dancing about, at least within the house, can’t you, just once, utter “Krishna”?

snAna pAna japa tapagaLu mAdutta Krishna yena bAradE?
sAlyAnna shatrasa tindu triptavanAgi Krishna yena bAradE?

Even as you bathe or do japa or tapa can’t you utter “Krishna”?
Content eating your fill of food tasting of six rasas can’t you utter “Krishna”?

kandana bigibigidu appi muddAduttha Krishna yena bAradE?
mandagAminiyoLu sarasalAdutthalommE Krishna yena bAradE?

While tightly embracing and fondling your child can’t you utter “Krishna”?
While demonstrating your affection to your beloved wife can’t you utter “Krishna”

durita rAsigalaNu daridu bisAduva Krishna yena bAradE?
Garuda gamana namma Purandara vittalana Krishna yena bAradE?

Can’t you utter “Krishna” that casts away, all at once, the influence of planets and stars?
Can’t you utter “Krishna!”(calling out to that) Purandra Vittala who moves on Garuda?)

Krishna yendarE sakala kashtavu parihara Krishna yena bAradE?
Uttering “Krishna!” removes all woes: Oh, can’t you utter “Krishna!”

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