Nama Dwaar Newsletter – November 2019

Unity, Not Uniformity! – Sri Swamiji’s address at Interfaith Harmony Meet

“This has come about at a time when it is needed the most. Though people of different faiths have been speaking about their own faiths, all have come together today to conduct this interfaith harmony meet.
One need not look at a book for proof about the existence of God…”

So began Sri Swamiji’s beautiful address to an interfaith gathering in Chennai.

Click here to read the rest of his lucid address.

The Misunderstood Sage Narada

“Narayana! Narayana!” These words, heard in a slightly sing-song, lilting tone, brings to mind a chirpy yet mischievous image of Sage Narada walking in, strumming his inimitable tambura.

Who is this Narada? Sage or musician? Tale-bearer or savior?

Click here to read about this wonderful personality who brings cheer and color wherever he goes.

Cherished Memoirs 77

Guruji’s Cherished Qualities – Part 2

This series chronicles interesting experiences recounted by the devotees of HH Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji and divine experiences/words of Sri Swamiji.

Read here the second part of some cherished and moving recollections of Sri Swamiji’s loving nature by one of Sri Swamiji’s earliest devotees, Smt. Jayanthi Janakiraman.

Click here to read the sweet memories.

Madhurageetham: Sri Krishna Leela – 12

Damodara Leela – Bound by the Cord of Unalloyed Love!

The 10th canto in Srimad Bhagavatam is known as “Ashrayam” or “refuge” for Lord Krishna’s devotees for it talks about the Lord’s incarnation and his sweet lilas on this Earth. Sri Swamiji has written beautiful kirtans on these various lilas of Lord Krishna. So, in this series, we will relish those lilas of Lord Krishna through Sri Swamiji’s kirtans.

Lord Sri Krishna is bound by the pure selfless love of His devotees. Nothing demonstrates this better than the endearing Damodara Leela.

Click here to read all about the Lila and the song.

Story Time

Life of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu – Illustrated Series – Part 9

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was a great saint who unleashed the flood of divine love through the Divine Name. Here is the next part of the comic-strip-type illustrated series on the life of this great saint.

Viswaroopa takes sanyasa.

Click here to read the ninth part


Indian Art – Kalighat Painting

This month’s Ethnic Art-series quiz is based on Kalighat Painting, a popular form of art involving hand-painted designs using natural colors, which originated near Kolkata.

How much do you know about this art form?

Click here to take the quiz.

News of the Month (Oct – Nov 2019)

Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi Celebrations across the US 

Minneapolis, MN
Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi celebration with Namasankirtan and Madhura gitams

Orlando, FL
Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi and Deepavali celebration by Orlando GOD Satsang

New Jersey, NJ
Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi celebration by New Jersey GOD Satsang

Boston, MA
Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi celebration by Boston GOD Satsang

Bay Area, CA
Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi celebration by New Jersey GOD Satsang

Detroit, MI
Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi celebration by Detroit GOD Satsang

Houston, TX
Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi and Deepavali celebration in Houston Namadwaar

Virginia Namadwaar, VA
Sri Swamiji’s Jayanthi celebration in Virginia Namadwaar

Other News

Richmond VA
Deepavali Celebration in Virginia Namadwaar, VA
Tulasi Vivah Celebration in Virginia Namadwaar
Rasa Poornima Celebration in Virginia Namadwaar, VA

Houston TX
Gopashtami Special Srimad Bhagavata Saptaha Utsav in Clear Lake, Houston
Namadwaar Houston Welcomes Mr. O Paneerselvam
Muktha Nair of Houston GOD receives recognition from Hindus of Greater Houston
G.O.D. receives City of Pearland Cultural Arts Grant for 6th year in a row

Bay Area CA
Loom Japa with Mahamanthra chanting in Tri-Valley, Bay Area,CA

Seattle WA
First Anniversary Celebration of Seattle Namadwaar, WA

Upcoming Events

Dallas TX
Madhurotsavam at Dallas Namadwaar – Nov 28 – Dec 1 2019

Houston TX
Namadwaar Bhagavata Saptaha Mahotsavam – Dec 21 – 28 2019


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