Madhura Utsav at Virginia Namadwaar

With boundless grace of Sri Muralidhara Swamiji and causeless mercy of the divine couple Madhuri sakhi Sametha Premika Varadha Thakurji and Shri JagannathJi Parivar Virginia Namadwaar celebrated Madhura Utsav from October 25th – 28th 2017 at Virginia Namadwaar . Shri PoornimaJi and Shri Gayathri Ji, senior disciples of Shri Swamiji graced the festival and treated everyone’s ears with captivating spiritual discourses on Bhagavatha Dharma.

On Tuesday, October 24th 2017, Virginia Namadwaar families enthusiastically welcomed Shri GayathriJi on her first satsang visit to United states in Namdadwaar. On 24th evening, Shri GayathriJi started the Madhura Utsav with Guru Kirtans and Many abhanga Kirtans on Lord Panduranga. The day ended with Guru vandhanam, Vittala Smaranam and Dolothsav.

On Wednesday, October 25th 2017, Virginia Namadwaar families gave a warm welcome to Shri PoornimaJi. With Sri SwamiJi’s grace, Utsav started with Mahamantra Kirtan. Shri GayathriJi gave a lecture in English on Finding Inner strength. She narrated the life history of Saint Thukkaram, a great Panduranga Bhaktha. He lived in poverty and yet he led a blissful life singing the praise of the lord. Worldly obstacles were never a hindrance in the strong faith and devotion of St. Thukkaram. He attained the Lord’s abode alive with his mortal body. It was a lucid description of his life incidents and she sang some of his beautiful Abhangs. All of them who attended her lecture thoroughly enjoyed her Abhangs and her talk. Shri GayathriJi’s lecture was followed by Kaliyayum kirtan and Arthi.

The second day of the Utsav started with Maha mantra medley by Gopakuteeram children. This was followed by Poornimajis lecture on ‘Bhagavatha Kathamrutham – Finding Inner Happiness’ at Hindu Center of Virginia, Glen Allen VA. In her talk she explained in detail this yuga dharma is Nama sankitran and how that can help to find inner happiness and exemplified it with stories from various scriptures. It was a wonderful discourse and everybody present there thoroughly enjoyed it.

On the third day of Utsav, devotees celebrated the Nikunjostav -Jhula Seva for the divine couple Sri Madhuri Sakhi Samedha Sro Premika Varada ThakurJi. The divine couple were seated in a beautifully adorned, handcrafted swing made for them. There was a dance performance by Kum. Madhuri Murali on Andal kauthuvam. It is about the Vishnu’s devotee Andal, who admired herself wearing the Lords garland. Her grace and incredible expression awed the audience. This was followed by the Gopakuteeram kids’ performance. The first batch of kids recited Achutashtakam and danced with dandia sticks for the song Jai Jai Vittala hari and the second kids recited Madhurashtakam and the third batch kids recited Mahalakshmi ashtakam followed by kids presentation on ‘What makes Krishna happy?’. A Carnatic recital by Shri Sathya Vadivazhagu ensued. Sathya is rising junior at the Glen Allen High School, Virginia. He was accompanied by Shri Venkat Ramani on Mrudangam. After the recital Shri GayathriJi gave a captivating Pravachan on Bhagavatha Kathamrutham- Finding Inner peace. She talked about Namadevar’s life history. It was really interesting to hear about how much of faith and devotion he had for Lord Panduranga. She also sang some of his Abhangs. After the lecture dinner prasad was served. After dinner the devotees assembled for DheepOtsav. Lamps were lit around the divine couple and Madhura Geethams were rendered. The divine couple were gleaming with joy in their swing. The day concluded with Dolothsavam

Saturday morning, the fourth day was quite special as it was Radha Kalyanam – The Divine wedding for the Divine Couple. The Satsang started with Maha mantra kirtan. Then Thodaya mangalam was sung. Ashtapathis and Madhura geethams were renderred while the divine couple were getting ready for their procession – Janavasam.They were seated in two palanquins and set out for their Janavasam. Garlands were exchanged while sampradaya Kirtans and Madhuragitams were sung. After this the couple were brought inside with aarthi. When they were inside, all the devotees danced around the couple with kolattam. Then they were seated in the Oonjal – Jhula. Kalyana Kirtans and Madhura geethams were rendered. Then pravaram, choornikai and mangalashtakam were recited followed by Mangalyadaranam. The divine couple then played ‘poo pandhu’ with the devotees, which they really enjoyed,’vedikai vinodhangal seidavaare’……..All of them present there felt blessed and happy to attend the wedding. Since it was a Gopashtami day, Premika varadhan was crowned with Govinda Nama kosham and Maha Prasad was offered to Govardhan Giridhari. The Satsang concluded with aarthi for the divine couple. Lunch Maha Prasad was served.

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