2012 Annual Discourse Series

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Sri Ramanujamji

Sri Ramanujamji

With the divine grace of God and the blessings of the Guru HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, Global Organization for Divinity (GOD) presents the Annual Spiritual Discourse Series for 2012. Similar to earlier years, this is a grand series of discourses and lectures on various topics glorifying the Sanatana Dharma, Nama Kirtan and Bhagavata Dharma. The aim of this is to spread the greatness of our Sanatana Dharma to the Indians living abroad, as well as to our American friends belonging to other countries and races.

Sri Ramanujamji, a senior disciple of HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, who is touring the US between October and December 2012 will conduct in addition to spiritual discourses, a variety of youth educational programs, which includes personality development and enablement lectures in schools and colleges, mainly catering to children and young adults across different parts of the country.

Upcoming Schedules

(Flyers and program details shall be updated shortly)

City/State Date / Timeframe Program Flyers
San Jose & Redding, CA Dec 6 – 11 Dec 5-7: 6:15pm-8:30pm: Madhura Utsav at Sanatana Dharma Kendra, Sunnyvale.


Dec 8: 10 am – 2pm: Inner Transformation workshop for adults at San Jose Evergreen Library.

for registrations, click here

Dec 9-11: 6pm-8pm: A three day lecture series on “Bhagavatha Dharma: The Universal Path of Love” in Redding, CA


Detroit, MI Dec 13-19 Bhagavata Saptaham – 6:30 – 8:30 pm everyday

Sri Balaji temple of Great Lakes

3325 Middle Belt Road, West Bloomfield, MI 48323

Houston, TX Dec 21-28 Dec 22: 5:00pm: “Melody of Compassion” Fundraiser Concert at Bailey Road Auditorium, Pearland TX

Dec 21- 28: Srimad Bhagavatha Saptaha Mahotsava at Houston Namadwaar


Program Reports

Past Program Schedules

City/State Date / Timeframe Program Flyers
Atlanta, GA Oct 4-7 Discourse: Inner Transformation Series & Mass Prayer
Richmond, VA Oct 11-12

Oct 11: Transformational Leadership Workshop

Oct 12: Madhura Utsav & “Practical Wisdom to Modern Life” Flyer

Centreville, VA Oct 13

9:30 am: House Satsang Contact: (804) 647-7033

New York / New Jersey areas
Oct 13-16 Oct 13: 6pm: Discourse at Sri Ranganatha Temple, Pomona NY. Contact: Desikan 973 930 8393

Oct 14: 11 am Discourse at Sri Krishna Vrundavana, Edison NJ
Contact: Desikan 973 930 8393

Oct 14: 5-7 pm Discourse at Sri Guruvayurappan Temple at Morganville, NJ
Contact: Desikan 973 930 8393

Oct 16: 6:45 pm Satsang at residence in Yorktown Heights
Contact: Latha Kumanan 914 484 3595

Boston & New Hampshire Oct 18-21 Oct 18 6pm:
“Inner Transformation – Part 1” at Dwarkamai, N.Billerica, MA

Oct 19 6pm:
“Inner Transformation – Part 2” at Dwarkamai, N.Billerica, MA


Oct 20 10am: Madhura Utsav and Motivational Talk at Quincy MA  (Flyer)

Oct 20 3:30 pm: Discourse on “Essence of Srimad Bhagavatam” at New Hampshire Hindu Temple, Nashua, NH

Oct 21 9 am:
Youth Leadership Workshop at Nashua (ages 12-19)

Milwaukee, WI Oct 23-26 “Inner Transformation Series” in Milwaukee


Minneapolis MN Oct 27-29 Oct 27: 8:30 pm: Madhura Smrithi

Oct 28: 4pm: Bhagavata Parayanam, Katha, ‘Nadopasana’, Divya Nama Sankirtan

Seattle, WA Nov 2-7 Nov 2: 7:30 pm: “An evening of Introspection”
Nov 3: 12 Noon:Deepotsav: a special Gopa Kuteeram session with Diwali-style fun at Vedic Cultural Centre (ISKCON Temple), 420 228th Ave SE Sammamish, WA 98075

Nov 3: 2:30 pm: Gopa Kuteeram Shloka Contest (at the same venue).

Nov 3: 7 pm – Nov 4 Bhagavatha Dharma Retreat: Living life as per our Bhagavatham Dharma over a 24 hour period, includes fun games and activities aligned with Nava-Vidha Bhakti.

Venue: A beautiful lakefront property at 9924 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

Nov 5: “Happiness at Work” for Microsoft Employees at Microsoft Campus

Nov 6,7: 7:30 pm: “Path to happiness” – discourse at various residences

Venue: Day 1 – Ram & Bhavani’s residence, 1316 230th AVE SE Sammamish WA 98075

Venue: Day 2 – Anand & Sandhya’s residence, 1419 231st AVE SE, Sammamish, WA 98075

Muthukaruppan Annamalai: mailamuthu@yahoo.com (Ph: 206 399 1058)

Click here for the flyer

Chicago, IL Nov 8-11 Nov 8, 6:30 pm:Discourse on “Guru Mahima” at Aurora, IL. Contact: Zivan Prakash: 630 851 8578

Nov 9, 5:30 pm:Gopa Kuteeram Annual Day followed by a talk on “The Art of Spiritual Parenting” at Naperville Public Library, Naperville, IL


Nov 10, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm:Youth leadership workshop at the Naperville Public Library.

For registrations, Click here.

Houston, TX Nov 15-19 Nov 16-18, 6:30 am – 8:30 pm:Krishnarpanam- Discourses on Sri Krishna Leela at Houston.


Nov 17, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm:Youth leadership workshop at Houston.

For registrations, Click here.

Nov 18, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm:Inner Transformation workshop at Houston.

For registrations, Click here.

Dallas, TX Nov 21-Dec 2 Nov 22 – 25, 5:30 pm: “A celebration in divinity” – discourses on Krishna Leela at DFW Hindu Temple, Irving Tx
Nov 24: 10 am Inner Transformation Adult Workshop @ William Cozby Library Hall, Coppell, TX. Register with dallasnamadwaar@yahoo.com

Nov 30 – Dec 2, 6 pm: “Inner Transformation through Bhagavata Dharma” discourses at Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple, Frisco, TX


Dec 1: 10 am Youth Leadership Workshop @ Harrington Library Hall, Plano, TX. Register at joyofsharing.eventbrite.com

Houston Dec 4 Dec 4: 9:15am-11:15am Inner Transformation and Meditation Workshop, Melvin Knapp Senior Center, Houston


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