Gopa Kuteeram

Gopa Kuteeram – Worldwide Children & Youth Life Enrichment Program

Learn Krishna; Learn Yourself!


The term ‘Gopa Kuteeram’ (Sanskrit language) refers to the play-house of young Lord Krishna and the Gopas, His playmates of Vrindavan. So ‘Gopa Kuteeram’ signifies a place where children have enormous fun along with and in the presence of the Lord.

A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Gopa Kuteeram program for kids/youth of all ages is conducted in several cities in the USA, Australia, India, Middle-East, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and others.

Weekly online e-Gopa Kuteeram classes for children aged 9 to 14 are also conducted in the USA.

The aim of these programs is to help youngsters strengthen their lives by
– establishing a connection with divinity
– inculcating strong faith and devotion to God
– learning to harness the power of prayers in their lives
– developing a positive attitude of gratitude
– becoming aware of and appreciating the practicality of the Indian way of life and India’s ancient wisdom

The program emphasizes on Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and Social well-being.

The programs are also conducted in a fun, interactive way with lots of discussions, Q & A’s, role-plays, stimulating games, quizzes and more.

In the USA, Gopa Kuteeram programs are currently held in the following cities/regions:
Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA (Quincy & Concord)
California Bay Area (San Jose, Cupertino and Sunnyvale)
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX (Plano, Frisco and Coppell)
Holland, MI
Houston, TX (Pearland and Cypress)
Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis, MN
New Jersey
Richmond, VA
Raleigh, NC (Morrisville)
Seattle, WA
White Plains, NY

Apart from this, online e-Gopa Kuteeram classes are for children from any part of the USA.

Gopa Kuteeram Summer Camps are also conducted in different cities during the summer months.

For more information about Gopa Kuteeram classes/camps in your city or online, email or call:
Regular Gopa Kuteeram: Nisha Giri (281) 516 1596
e-Gopa Kuteeram classes: Rekha Narayanan (978) 610 6462

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